The Actions app for off-site staff

Fast and reliable confirmation that important tasks are being done

If you are looking for a simple and reliable method of confirming that essential jobs or processes have been completed, your search is over.

Our Actions app module has been designed to enable workers to record quickly and easily that a specific job has been performed, using a tablet or smartphone. As well as providing reliable evidence of completed tasks, the Actions software supports a number of feedback options. These include commenting on the work carried out, uploading photos of the finished job or related issues and alerting managers if further work is required.

Ideal for any remote workers, not just cleaners

The Actions app can be used anywhere with an internet connection, so is suitable for all kinds of worker, business and location – not just cleaning and property maintenance contractors. In fact, its flexible functionality makes it ideal for any organisation wanting to formalise the reporting information they require from their remote workers, from construction and service companies to social care providers.

Flexible software with multiple options and uses

The software is user definable and supports multiple action lists for each location, so information can be collected about different activities within a single site or across many. Tasks can be defined with standard review periods – weekly, monthly or six-monthly, for example – and are clearly displayed to users on arrival. In addition, the app can display images with a prompt to show clearly the required activity or expected end result. And, like all our software, the Actions module can be easily tailored to suit the particular business needs of individual organisations.

Find out more

For more information about confirming work has been done with the easyLog Actions module, talk to one of our team on 01892 834406. You can also watch our short video on the Actions app.