Visit tracking and pay analysis

Manage cleaners’ attendance and hourly pay quickly and easily

If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way of recording your contract cleaners’ site visits and handling timesheet reporting, you have come to the right place.

easyLog’s cleaning management system enables you to monitor staff attendance electronically and then apply simple rounding rules to calculate the actual hours of attendance to be paid. The software is also ideal for tracking cleaners on flexishifts, where attendance is defined by providing a set period of cleaning within a specified timeband, for example a two-hour clean any time between 4am and 9am.

easyLog’s software for commercial cleaning and buildings maintenance contractors is browser-based and works on a mobile, tablet or laptop so you can see what is happening in the business anywhere you have access to the internet.

QR codes: the low-cost and dependable way to track cleaning visits

We offer a range of solutions for recording cleaner’s attendance so you can choose the most efficient option based on the number and type of sites being visited, what technical infrastructure is available, how many cleaners are involved and, of course, your budget.

One of the most simple and economical visit tracking solutions is Location Clock – a QR code-based attendance logging app that is downloaded onto a cleaner’s smartphone. The app is used to read free-to-download QR codes placed at each work location, creating a foolproof record of the employee, site, date and time. Our QR code clocking app is ideal for multiple sites and for cleaning contractors who need to provide a record of when cleaning tasks have been performed and by whom.

As well as our growing range of smartphone attendance apps, your employees can record cleaning visits by calling an 0800 number from the client site or use a hardware device such as a tablet or time recording terminal. These devices can be biometric or tag operated depending on the environment

See the full range of cleaning staff attendance recording options on our clocking pages.

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For more information about handling cleaning visits and pay analysis with our cleaning management software, talk to one of our team on 01892 834406. Or use the menu above to read about estimating and quality management options. You can also read more about our software for cleaning and buildings maintenance contractors on our blog.

At a glance...

  • Full range of low-cost, flexible and reliable attendance recording options, including smartphone apps

  • Automatically calculates a timesheet from the clockings provided by each employee giving details of all attendance

  • Rounding rules can be applied

  • Includes HR info, such as address, contact and next-of-kin details