Site Supervisor cleaning and buildings maintenance app

The inspections and estimates manager that’s with you wherever you go

The easyLog Site Supervisor app is for cleaning and property maintenance contractors who work on the move.

Designed for Android, Apple and Windows tablets and smartphones, the app allows users to inspect and monitor work on existing contracts and create estimates for prospective jobs on the spot. It can also be used by staff to log completed tasks and add optional notes and photos so you can track exactly what is being done and when.

The app can be used online and offline, so is suitable for all kinds of site, including premises with no internet connection, and reports can be easily shared by email, saving time and increasing staff efficiency.

Site Supervisor is a quick and simple time and attendance tool that enables managers and staff to:

  • Submit a repair request for a property and view previous requests
  • Authorise new maintenance tasks
  • Produce maintenance job sheets
  • Sign-off and archive maintenance work requests
  • Record a site inspection check list using dropdown menus, flagging up alarms if necessary
  • View inspection reports over a selected period
  • Email inspection details to colleagues and clients
  • Estimate site cleaning and maintenance work times using a scoring system
  • View the latest updated estimates
  • Record actions as they are being done and add notes and pictures

Like all easyLog software, the Site Supervisor app can be easily customised to suit the user’s specific needs. It is ideal for commercial cleaning contractors, property maintenance companies and other organisations that need a straightforward and reliable way of keeping buildings maintenance records.

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For more information about managing cleaning and property maintenance with the easyLog Site Supervisor app, talk to one of our team on 01892 834406.