Cleaning management with remote site attendance

Be sure staff are arriving and leaving client locations on time

However you work your cleaning contract, our cleaning management systems will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. Some of the options available:

  • Remote cleaner attendance monitoring devices for all locations and budgets
  • Workers can log cleanliness status on-screen
  • Cleaning management function for assessing job times and costs
  • All functionality available on mobile devices or PC-based systems

Mix and match hardware and software

Our hardware and software can be mixed and matched to meet any requirement.

Hardware includes handheld clocking-in devices suitable for a small number of cleaners visiting a large number of locations and fixed devices for where a larger number of cleaning staff work at fewer locations. These devices can operate with biometric or tag-based media, depending on the environment.

They can be off-line devices that store clocking data for downloading later or communicate directly with your system in real time via Ethernet, wireless or GPRS SIM cards depending on what network infrastructure is in place. Also some devices can be used with battery rather than mains power – ideal for remote locations without electricity.

We also have specialist handheld touch-screen Android devices featuring NFC clocking technology, which allow cleaners or managers to clock in and out of sites as well as log state of repair and other cleaning job assessments. These also allows users to view data on the move. Devices are locked down so that workers cannot make calls or randomly browse the internet.

Software available ranges from simple web views of actual clockings and full rota and payroll systems to a comprehensive cleaning management suite.

Find out more

To find out more, please explore the links on this page. If you want any help or advice  on the most suitable options for your way of working, just call us on 01892 834406.